Saint Augustine's Seminary

Home of the Society of the Divine Word Southern Province

199 Seminary Drive

Bay Saint Louis, MS 39520-4626


Our staff from Residence, Retreat Center and Province offices at Christmas 2015

Novices sing farewell to community and say thanks to Sister Catherine Griffiths seen above.

Sister had suffered a fall one day and was hospitalized for a fractured hip and shoulder. She was joyously received for this farewell by the novices and all of the community and staff.


On left are Father Ledoux, Brother Bernie Spitzley, Provincial of Western Province Soney Sebastian and Father Potts. Brother Bernie and Father Soney were at the Bay for national SVD alumni meetings.

Young people came to the Bay for service and prayer the past few months.


A Kairos retreat was held at the Retreat Center and as one can see from the pictures below on the left side many were in attendance. Their deep spirituality and love of God were much in evidence.


Other students who attended workshops in the summer with the Brothers of the Sacred Heart of Saint Stanislaus came and helped beautify our campus by removing unsightly wire and painting the posts. They made the campus really shine!

Over 35 students came for Kairos retreat

We are thankful for the young people who came to beautify our campus.

Great workers! Thank God for their efforts.


Also many thanks for the Brothers of the Sacred Heart who provided the opportunity for their service during the Leadership workshop the Brothers conducted. Thanks Brothers!

Students workers seen above pose for a photo before going to work.

Photos below show them hard at work in the hot summer sun.

Kairos participants took advantage of grounds to relax and share with one another

Kairos participants deepened their spirituality with writing and reflecting on material presented.

Students at Kairos retreat shared reflections with one another in small group settings